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Is it weird for me to intensely hate sharing a shower with old people?


Day 1...oooh...

Day 2...ahhhh...

Day 3...Pretty!!


I'm bored. I'm sick of studying. I went ice skating last night! But now I'm bored. I want a house. I bought Stella a pig toy that has velcro at the joints of the appendages to the body, including the head, so that she can get the satisfaction of ripping it to shreds over and over again!
I don't think I like my job. Maybe I do, but I think I'm kind of depressed right now. I think this is how I felt the summer before architecture school started: like crap, because all I was doing was working. But unfortunately, I'm learning that the people at work in general bug me. I'm very uncomfortable around them, and do not feel like I can be myself. Today, we had a surprise field day (disguised as a fire drill), where we went to Gas Works and played games. I was definitely not prepared, and I felt pretty anxious about the whole thing. I'm stressed about my projects, because they are not going smoothly. But it was overall fairly fun, just awkward. We did a wheelbarrow race, and I'm pretty sure my thong was showing the whole time I was wheeled. I don't think I was the only one who was not totally stoked to find out we were going to be messing around for 3 hours. I'm sure more than one person may have been doing a timed experiment or trying to get something done before the end of the day, and thought we would be back shortly. I'm probably just being a brat, but if I was going to dick around outside all day, I'd like to be prepared.

So I think I'm just going to back off from these people from here on out. I've tried being outgoing and friendly. Obviously we are of different breeds. Being civil doesn't hurt, it just kind of sucks when you wish you could be more. But hey, it's a job. I'm learning stuff. I'm getting paid. Whatever.

I am feeling pretty crappy in general lately. I'm moody, cranky, and just want to sleep all the time. I don't think I have enough going on. I'm hoping that when school starts, I'll feel much better. That's a long ways off. This is why it sucks that the people at work are so strange and cold. I just want people to hang out with.

Bleh. I'm done. I'm over it.

Sisters are so Rad.

This weekend was way fun! Sisters and Mom went to the Pacific Science Center, and then ate dinner at Anthony's on Pier 66 with Alex. Then, of course, we played Heidi's Wii. The next day we went to Gas Works and downtown, then sisters and Sandy went to see Can-Can, which was not as good as usual, but still good. Lots of food, lots of cool stuff! It was good to see Kelly. I hadn't seen her since Xmas! That may have been the longest I've ever been from my big sis. :-( Won't do that again.

Things here are pretty good. Work is good. I'm doing mostly watercard assembly right now. It's fun, I like the work. I'm officially a UW student, so that's awesome! Alex is almost done with his class, and his birthday is a week from Wednesday. He's gonna be 26! He's old.

Ollie and Stella are playing right now, so I'm going to enjoy that.


This weekend, Heidi, Alex and I went to a roller derby. It was way fun! I bought a pair of roller skates so I could maybe be as cool as they are. I went skating for the first time tonight, and did not fall. Mission accomplished. I didn't think it was going to be exercise, though, but when I was done, I was sweaty and piggy-pink! Cool! I worked out and didn't even notice. I think I can do this.

I found out that I am officially a UW student, with a student number and everything! This move has worked out better than I could have imagined. It's pretty bomb. So school starts Sept 24th, and I'll just be worked at my super-rad job between now and then.

Work rocks. I'm assembling watercards, which are plastic cards with filters built into them, whih collect targeted radioactive elements from water. The water is pumped through them with a hand pump to create a sample that can be tested for radiation concentration. It's pretty cool, but it's also kind of funny how primitive the cards seem while I'm assembling them. It's fun.

So, Ollie seems to be doing okay. I was wondering whether he would be sad Chelsea is gone, and I think he misses her a little. I've been spoiling him with treats and toys so that he can stay busy (and fat), but it's not the same, that's for sure. I'm not either, so I'm not suprised.

Anyway, things are pretty good. Ready for another week of work and hanging out... and skating!

A Little Too Much

Way too much has happened lately.

-Hard drive crashed, lost all my pics, movies, everything

-Kelly was in the hospital

-Chelsea died

-I got into the MSE program at UW

I'm kind of in overload right now. I'm trying to be happy about the MSE part, but I'm tired of feeling. Maybe tomorrow.

May. 22nd, 2008

Ok, so it's been a month. Let's see... I got a 3.92 this semester, went to Seattle and found a job and an apartment, and am currently taking PDEs and waiting to move. Lame! I really just want the next month to fly by. My class ends June 18th, and I'm driving up the following weekend. Yea!

Wow, I guess that's it. Everything is really boring right now. Oh, I saw M.I.A. live, which was rad but way too short. :-(

Almost there...

It's getting so close to the end, I can taste it. But unfortunately, school will begin again a week after finals end (May1) and I will be back at it, committed to another fine schedule. Alex and I have been looking at apartments, and it's so cool to see some listed that we can actually consider. I started looking back in March, when there was no way anyone would be listing for June. I'm a fool, I know. But I'm too excited.

It's weird, it doesn't feel like a lot has been going on lately, but I guess I'm wrong. It may be because I feel "not well". I made an appointment to go to the doctor, because I think I might have something. It started with a weird, reliable pain in my shin, then my big toe on the opposite foot. Neither of those have gone away (2, 3 weeks?), and I've been getting more tired and having more weird symptoms, like an ache in my gut (left side) and chills that come out of nowhere. Now I feel like I'm getting a cold or something. I would normally just put it off as a bad case of hypochondria, except I think I've lost over 5 lbs in the last week or so, for no reason. Literally... I should be gaining weight if anything. I'm not stressed, I'm just not well. So I'm going to go to the doctor, and see if they can run some blood tests to tell me it's all in my head. Or that I have a squirrel infestation in my bones. Seriously, I was eating some nuts the other night, and when I got done, I felt as hungry as I did when I started. Damn squirrels stole my nuts!

Enough about not feeling good. I'm so excited about moving and school and all the great things that are changing this next year. I just wish I wasn't too tired to dance about it.

I just saw Juno. What a cute movie. I can't believe I didn't see that in the theater. It's a little sad, but the only movie I'm looking forward to seeing right now is Wall-E. It's the new Pixar movie about a robot. Um, why didn't they come up with that sooner? Coolest movie idea ever.

I ordered the His Dark Materials trilogy from Amazon the other day. It's going to be my summer read. I like how I say that, knowing I'll probably only read 20 pages of the first one and never touch it again. I'm not a reader. I'm not a movie watcher either, really. I like reality a little too much, I guess. Or tv, I'm not really sure. I think it's the commercials.

Again, I've gotten to the point where I'm not talking about anything. Oh well. Sorry.