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I got my haircut Tuesday and it's SOOOOCUTE!

I think I stress fractured my tibia, but I don't know how. It hurts like hell, but nothing's there. Hmm.

Two weeks of school left! Hurrah!


Maxim magazine apparently just listed Sarah Jessica Parker as the "unsexiest" celebrity woman of current. Isn't that mean? Boys are so mean. I like her, I think she's dorky-cute. That's a good thing.

I went back to school today. It was ok. I had a lot more energy than I generally do, but I think most of that can be attributed to the beautiful weather. It was one of those days where you can wear a t-shirt and jeans, and neither break a sweat nor get cold. There are about 11 of those days in Utah per year, which makes me very sad. I hate this place, particularly for the weather. It's so hot in the summer, in a scorching desert sort of way, and bitter-cold in the winter, to the point that you don't even want to be outside. I can't wait to leave. I'm burned out on this place.

I'm suppose to meet with my academic adviser for MSE on Friday, and just sent her an email saying I'm most likely not attending the U in the Fall. It felt good to say it and have it feel so true. I just wrote my personal statement for the MSE department at UW. It's cute. It ends something like, "...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it surely is bright." Hah! I'm corny.

I went for an hour-long run tonight. I don't know how often I'll be able to do that, but I want to make a habit of it. Running kinda sucks when your scenery blows, which is the general atmosphere around my neighborhood. One street over and you're in industrial-land, and in the opposite direction it's Main Street and State street, flooded with nasty car sales lots, gas stations, and bad chinese. West Temple is kinda bad, too, because I'm not the type who enjoys getting yelled and whistled at by gross boys checking out their pintos. But the sunset was pretty, and I did stairs in a parking garage which had a great view from the top. I wish I was the type of person that enjoyed doing that everyday, but I'm honestly not. This is more like a once in a blue moon event, me actually exercising. I haven't been going to my hiphop class lately, because I'm bored with it, so I go do something else during that time instead. I think it's a version of getting my money's worth.

I got a badass new printer today! It's an HP Photosmart C7280. It scans, faxes, copies, and prints with 6 cartridges! So smart, because if you run out of one color, you just replace that, instead of the old tricolors which you replace when any one if the colors runs out. Plus, the cartridges are designed to suck up and reuse excess ink. How cool! I love it, it's real pretty. Sorry, printers are boring.

I should be doing homework, but I'm not.

Tomorrow night I'm going to Alex's brother's birthday dinner. It's gonna be weird, because he's in a strange situation where I think he's deciding to make big life changes because of what Alex and I are going through. He's not very bright... he's hardworking (sometimes) and has a bachelors in Spanish and something else, but he's definitely a little slow in people skills and street skills. Anyway, Alex started taking classes to prep for the LSAT, so his brother started taking classes to prep for the GRE. Alex is moving to Seattle and going to law school, so his brother is moving to San Diego and going into a field like handicap relations or something. Apparently, the school didn't even care what he got on the GRE. I wonder if there accredited...? Alex and I are getting married, so his brother is rushing into a marriage with this girl that doesn't even speak English and is really manipulative of him. I feel bad, because it seems that on one hand, someone should intervene and help him figure stuff out, but also he is turning 30 and needs to become independent. It's really weird, you kind of have to know him to get it. But I think the fact that Alex's family showed so much excitement about his good news and big changes, that his brother maybe felt like he wanted some of that. Or maybe I'm completely wrong and all this would've happened anyway. To me, it seems suspect. I don't like this girl he's dating. Nothing's wrong with him being with a non-english speaking girl, but she's very strange and untrustworthy. It appears that she constantly lies to him and bullies him into stuff. He bought all the rings for their engagement and wedding, I guess, including his own. I dunno, I guess it's none of my business.

Wow, that was long-winded.

I've had a lot of things on my mind lately, clogging up the plumbing. I have to present my research project on April 3rd, and I feel totally unprepared. I keep avoiding it, because I'm afraid I'm going to suck. I used to be so good at presentations, when they were a common event, but now that I'm in Engineering, it's like one a semester, and I get rusty. Hah, I was looking at the other projects which will be presented after mine, and they are on topics that I can't even wrap my head around the title of. It's ok, I'm sure I'll be the cutest presenter there. That's all that really matters.

No Wanna.

I really don't feel like going to school tomorrow. I also have been putting off working on my research project, which is no good, because I present on April 3rd. Aah! It is still spring break, as far as I'm concerned, so I'll start being good tomorrow.

5 weeks left! I'm signed up for PDE's over the summer, and that's it. Thank god. I have to start applying for internships, too. I'm going to work with the National Science Foundation to put together a summer camp at the U in June as well. Haha, I'm watching ANTM right now, and they just got in a fight about some dress.

Mar. 2nd, 2008

I just spent about an hour collecting maps and directions for my trip to Florida. Yea! Less than two weeks away! I'm so stoked. I can't wait to get in that Saturday morning and drive to the beach and pass out. It's gonna rock.

Alex got into Seattle U, so I'm 98% sure we're moving to Seattle. I'm happy, but I'm not too excited about going to UW. It just sounds like they try to annihilate you in the process of awarding you a degree, when it's completely unnecesary. Fortunately, I'm that student in class that says what everyone else is thinking... like when I don't understand something, and I know nobody else does, I'm the one that interrupts the crickets to say, "um... what?" And boy, don't my professors love me. Actually, they do. Is cause I'm smart. :-)

Speaking of smart, I'm going to get a 4.0 this semester. That's right, a 4.0. Even if I have to murder someone. 

Um, yeah, I bought some regulators for Alex and me that I thought I was getting a good deal on. Turns out they might as well have been made of play-doh. I'm going to try and sell them on eBay (where I got them) to some other sorry suckers. I really don't want to, because I know how it feels, and it's sad. But I guess that's how it goes. I don't want to be out 300 bucks because I'm too lame to be a meanie, too. Oh well. Maybe they aren't in as bad of shape as the scuba shop wanted me to think... That would make me a double-sucker.

Ummm, other than all that, I probably slept about 10 hours more than average this last week. Only one day did I not take a nap, and I missed both my hip-hop classes. I'm on my way to becoming Jabba the Hut. I love it.

I wanna cut all my hair off again. Not that it's incredibly long, I just want it short. I gave myself bangs, and they're way hot, so I'll probably rock those for a while. I had to submit a photo for my abstract submission, and the one next to this post is the one I chose. That's right, the dumbfounded profile where I'm like, "Wha?? Awmigawd!" It's so cool. Like me, and my coolness.

Anyway, I know at this point anyone who might read this will have stopped by now, so I will stop. LOVE!!!


 Alex and I have done a really great job of eating healthier and more well-roundedly lately. He spent a ton of money on cooking utensils and cookware, and I'm reaping all the benefits. I feed us sometimes, though! This morning, I made a crazy omelet with feta, cheddar, sausage, sour cream, and tomatoes (ok, not so healthy), then made us a crazy salad with iceberg, spinach, pepperoni, turkey breast, swiss and cheddar cheeses, grape tomatoes, and croutons. It's so cool to have all of that available! We're doing a mussel, parmesean, and basil pasta on Monday, love-pizza on Tuesday, and steak and asparagus with mached potatoes on Wednesday! It works out so well. I get excited about food at home now, and it's easy to not eat out. 

I'm so ready for my next vacation! We're going to Florida for Spring Break. We're flying into Tampa, renting a car, and driving up through the central and northern parts of Florida to do some spring, river, and wreck diving. I found us two really nice regs on eBay for pretty cheap, and took them in for an overhaul yesterday. I hope they're both in as good of shape as they look. I think the one that's mine it going to need a little more TLC than the other, but it's cool, because i has a dive computer on it. 

Last night, I ended up getting called to see if I could host, so I made some conditions under which I would come in on such short notice. 1: I got to wear what I was currently wearing, and not have to go home to change into all black. 2: I got free food. 3: I could come in as soon as I finished my errands (I was, at the time, getting my oil changed).  Deal, deal, and deal, they said. I was sort of a frantic night, so it was good I came in. I love that; I can negotiate with the management when I come in to work, because all the other hosts are so lame. On top of it, when I do work, all the servers are like, "oh, thank god, a competent person is hosting". HAHAHA! I hope I can keep the report I have going now in place until I leave. It's a rewarding situation for both the company and myself. I think I milk it pretty good, if I do say so myself.


Made it through another week. Got a 98 on my Ceramics Exam, woot! I had an OChem exam, too, and I think I killed that as well. This semester is shaping up to be pretty smooth, and I'm liking it. I'm glad it's Friday, though. I could use a couple days to get ahead, or just hang out.

Mom and Heidi are coming in to town next week, I'm excited! I finally get to go snowboarding. It's been a supposedly awesome season... I wouldn't know, I haven't been up yet. But the weather's gonna be beautiful, and it's starting to warm up a little bit. 

Alex and I are celebrating Valentine's Day early this year. We're doing it on Tuesday, because he has to work on Thursday. We're gonna make homemade pizza! I think it'll be rad. 

I got a sweet new jacket! It's bright red, wool, and has a short, trenchcoat cut. It's really warm. My old jacket died. It was sad. :-(

I'm not talking about anything interesting, so I'm going to stop now.