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jonesypoo's Journal

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Good day! My name is Sandy, and I'm a college student at the University of Utah. I originally began at the University of Florida as an architecture student, then transferred to the U of U and continued there. After realizing architecture was too detail-oriented for me (an not nearly technical enough!), I switched to Materials Science and Engineering. I love materials, and how they have been a prominent factor in the civilization of man. I think it is a crucial field that engages my curiosity everyday. Some day I would like to be a spokesperson for a materials company, and share the passion and interest I find in materials with others. I'm strange, I know.

As for my personal life, I live with my boyfriend of four years, Alex, and my two bunnies, Oliver and Chelsea. I work at Squatters Pub and Restaurant; I'm on the payroll, but not on the schedule, so I make my own hours. It's rad. I grew up in Florida and Utah, so I feel like I identify with the West Coast and Sourthern cultures. I'm not sure where I'll end up in life, but I can't help but be happy.